[two_fifth][/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last]Many of our guests come to Barwheys to celebrate special occasions with family and friends over long weekends.

We therefore usually welcome guests on Thursdays and say goodbye after five nights on Tuesdays. Some guests want to enjoy Barwheys for longer so arrive on Thursday and stay 12 nights until the following Tuesday.

We are happy to discuss other lengths of stay depending on the time of year.

Before you book please read through the attached note explaining the important practicalities of your stay. Click here

Our full terms and conditions which apply should be read before making your booking. If you want to make an enquiry click here[/three_fifth_last]

If you want to go ahead and book , please use calendar and form below.

Here’s how to book:   choose the Thursday that you want your booking to start on; click once to book for a 5 day stay; click twice to book for a 12 day stay.  The booking form will display amount of the deposit that you need to pay to secure your stay.


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